Dr. Chris Miura's passion for baking gave birth to Mauna Kea Baking Company.  His organic starter was originally cultivated from California grape vines and produces a mild sourdough, perfect for accompanying fine foods and wine. 

 “Our guiding principle,” says Dr. Miura, “is to utilize ingredients only of the highest quality, and craft the perfect marriage of time-honored baking techniques and modern technology.”

Artisan Breads
Baguette • Often romanticized in Parisian bistros, great for crostini, sandwiches, and pairing with cheese and wine. Try our unique sesame fennel baguette!

Sandwich Bread • The classic Italian sandwich bread.  Our Old World recipe toasts up crisp and golden brown.

Half-Sheet Soft Focaccia • Ideal for sandwiches and specialty dips. Great for savoring gravy, sauces, or pesto.

Multigrain • Sandwich loaf with lots of rich, hearty flavor and a hint of natural sweetness.

Lavosh • The perfect cracker bread. Enjoy all three varieties: seeded with poppy, sesame, and fennel; furikake; or parmesan with red chili pepper flakes and parsley.

Walnut & Raisin Sourdough • Our handcrafted loaves are light and mild, and can be enjoyed toasted along with your morning coffee. You’ll love the depth and flavor of our Hawaiian sourdough.

Black Pepper Parmesan Sourdough • The perfect accompaniment to any hearty meal, and especially good with fish and other seafood dishes.

Roasted Garlic & Fresh Thyme Sourdough • Any Italian at heart would reach for this one. Naturally delicious with fresh baked garlic and herbs.

Ciabatta • Deliciously rewarding with a light, chewy, and soft texture. Great for sandwiches or in a Panini press, dipping, or merely savoring the last bit of cabernet wine sauce.


Sub Sandwich Rolls • The perfect size and texture for a great sandwich.  You’ll appreciate the difference.

Tropical Sweets

Sweet Pullman Loaves • A two-pound, square loaf perfect for French toast, bread puddings, and savory morning dishes.

Sweet Bread • Portuguese plantation bread in four local flavors: Original, Guava, Coconut, and Cinnamon Swirl.

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